Hard work on a hot day

Last updated : 08 August 2009 By Fargone
The hostile Central Park penitentiary was the torture scene for this afternoon's league opener (or is it?). We started with Hislop and Sellars up front, Lunan, Doris, Gibson. Mculloch and Rennie pushed forward from the fullback position with Ratrray, Raeside and Bishop at the heart of defence

A warm day but we strarted birghtly trying to pass the ball around. Cowden rightback Adamson was sent off for a vicious tackle on Lunan - definitly a booking but harsh so early in the season. Late on Droudge was sent off for a second yellow - also harsh as he was only second to a ball Scott nicked

Arbroath opened up the home defence a couple of times first half with a nice flowing move ending with Sellars shoOting well over when clear (bobble?) Then Gibson finished tamely when through. Arbroath had the bulk of the game but Hill had to be sharp to keep a Stein freekick out

Cowden's game seemed to get the ball forward quickly and early second half they took the initiative and pushed us back but missed that lethal touch.

those who recall he capitalutaion at East Fife with 9 men only a few months ago had a sinking feeling when Cowden had the second man sent off. We seemed to be running out of ideas. But a decent cross in from the right on 80 minutes was met by Sellars with a thumping header - the Cowden defender brushed aside (or was it an OG?).

Then we looked to have sealed it when a Sellars shot broke to Scott who rolled it firsttime into an empty net.

Nothing is ever easy for Arbroath. On 90 minutes, Rattray made an unncecessary foul justoutside the area. the freekick struck Scott on the arm and McBride tucked the penalt away via Hill's lefthand post. Unbelievably, Rattray again conceded a foul in the same spot 2 minutes late but the ball was struck over.

Arbroath looked the better team but this was a cumbersome performance. We tried to walk the ball into the net and, while justifiably trying to pass it around moved it too slowly. Real tempo was lacking. 

If the Livi Appeal is overturned, it could all be in vain