Why have the goals dried up?

Last updated : 21 November 2011 By Fargone

bikeAn injury time winner for the second week in succession has been a great boost (and a credit to the player's unflagging determination).   But the goal machine that was so impressive earlier in the season is not quite firing on all cylinders.

Just compare the last 7 games with the seven before that


First 7 games (all league)                For 23 Against 10  (Won 6 Lost 1)

Second 7 games (6 league, 1 cup)  For 9  Against 6 (Won 4, D 2, L1)

It's results that count and maybe it reflects a more careful approach not to go gung-ho at every oppportunity.  After all, keeping down the opposition goal tally means we have to do a bit less up front.

Or are there other concerns?. 

  • Maybe other teams have worked out how better to handle Swankie and Doris?
  • Has the absence of the master Sheerin has reduced our creative forward play - despite Falky's excellent contribution. 
  • Maybe our forward players are not clinical enough when the many opportunities arise - is there a bigger role for Elfverson as Plan B in games?

Any other suggestions and options?

Or is it just that the first 7 games were a bit of an aberration and, as we settle in to the long grind of a league campaign, maybe it;s back to business as usual.