We must focus and concentrate

Last updated : 13 April 2011 By Fargone

dartsIts time to forget about any games and potential outcomes ahead.   If we raise our sights on what happens at the END of the season, we might trip up badly NOW.

Sometime cliches carry wisdom and now, if ever, was the time to follow the well worn football cliche - take one game at a time.  

There's not that much between the clubs in this league. Clydewere maybe unlucky not to win a month ago at Broadwood.  Our last double header - against Elgin- in late February - should be a sharp lesson.

We overwhelmed them the first game at Gayfield winning 2-0 going on seven. Then tripped up badly up north three days later.   Anyone can beat anyone else in this league and we need points NOW to keep a cushion for the final run-in (we're not even at that stage yet)

eyeofftheballIts not just the players but the fans.   Good to hear a bit of noise at Broadwood but let's hear a bit more at Gayfield to give better backing to the players.   and we need to keep this going EVEN maybe especially if things are not going well on the pitch. 

We can all help out but let's keep focused and concentrate on the immediate task in hand