Unbalanced fixtures left - 4 teams are key

Last updated : 31 January 2011 By Fargone

uenevenPostponements of games over the past 2 months means Arbroath - like all the other teams in this league - face a very unbalanced fixture list in the second half of the season.  On the plus/balanced side, we've still 9 home and 9 away games left against all opposition.

We've already played Berwick, Montrose, Stranraer and Shire 3 times each with only home games to go (with the exception of another trip to Ochilview)

We've still to fulfil a home and away legs against Queens

but what will be crucial is the three out of four games still to be played against fellow rivals Albion, Annan and Elgin and also against Clyde.

Remaining fixtures for 2010-11, by opponent

Team                                   Games Left         Home or Away

Albion Rvrs A                                       x3       2A, 1H

Annan                                                  x3       2A, 1H

Clyde  A                                               x3       2A, 1H

Elgin C                                                x3       2H, 1A

QP                                                        x2       1A, 1H

Montrose                                             x1       1H

Stranraer                                             x1       1H

E ‘Shire                                                x1       1A

Berwick                                                x1       1H