Travelling days

Last updated : 08 March 2010 By Fargone

busUpcoming fixtures - 6 of the next 8 are away




  • Cowden v Arbroath                Tuesday      9th  March 7.45 k.o
  • Brechin v Arbroath                  Saturday   13th  March 3.00 k.o
  • East Fife v Arbroath                Tuesday   16th  March 7.45 k.o.
  • Peterhead v Arbroath             Sat             20th  March 3.00 k.o
  • Arbroath v Brechin                  Wed           24th  March 7.45 k.o
  • Arbroath v Alloa                       Sat             27th March 3.00 k.o
  • Clyde v Arbroath                      Sat                3rd April   3.00 k.o
  • Stirling v Arbroath                   Tuesday       6th April 7.30 k.o

Like other teams across Scotland, our parttimers will be playing twice a week for the next month.   i don't know how this will affect training but it will be tough for fans to attend