Time to get consistent

Last updated : 24 November 2015 By Fargone

C:WindowsTempphpE7EC.tmpTwo recent games of two halves - to East Fife and Stirling Albion - sum up the wild swings in performance which seem to characterize Lichtie showings.  The last game at Anna, like the earlier away game at Berwick, we cam storming back from 2 goals down

OK at the start of the season, we were very consistently poor then went on a very decent run, looking fairly good, now we're back looking for our first win in 5 games.  

We could certainly benefit with greater solidity in defence and midfield which probably gives the platform for any team to get onto a more even keel.   There are no outstanding teams in Division 2 but the ones doing a little better tend to well organized and harder to break down. 

Consistently losing early goals has been another feature this season which must disturb efforts to get into a stable groove

The other key to consistency is home form.   Generally we've barely got going in the first half of games earlier on.  It doesn't help that the fixture list gives us only one home game between 7th Nov and 26th December.

The promising signs observed in passages of play and some great halves need to be built on.   We need a bit consistency to start moving away from the wrong end of the table

 Easier said than done