The Managerial Hotseat - a few facts and figures

Last updated : 14 January 2008 By Fargone
Disappointment with recent results prompted some fans to question the current management with a few calling for heads to roll. Maybe a kneejerk reaction unlikely to bring longer term success?

Appointed on 29 September 2005, John McGlashan has been in post 27 months now and he's now the longest serving manager in Division 3.

Since 1945, he's the 24th Lichties manager, and continues the McGlashan connection. Bob McGlashan, is the first on that list having served 50 years as player and manager (and actually the first manager from 1903). The average duration of our managers during this time has been 2.5 years but that's skewed by the 17 year reign of Albert Henderson in the 1960s and 70s

We've had some `duds' during this time culminating in the short tenure of Tommy Campbell. Probably one of the least successful periods in the club's history (and there have been a few) was the early 90s when we had 9 in little more than 6 years. The reign of our long-serving managers, Bob McGlashan and Albert Henderson were probably our best years but the Baikie/Brownlie regime (3 years apiece) were also a highlight

The League Managers Association claims 3.40 years is the average length of service for English league club managers. but 8 of their Premier league teams have changed manager only halfway through the season, a victim of the culture of instant results. The same source also suggests more successful clubs tend to have longer-serving managers.

Your views please - is longevity a key factor or are others more important?