Negative Press - Arbroath in The Beano

Last updated : 08 January 2010 By Fargone

Evidence of the DC Thomson empire's campaign of villification against Arbroath continues to mount

Exhibit A comes from a Beano Annual of indeterminate vintage (1980s?, 1990s?) under the Ballboy series

In response to the comment `its been a bit of a disappointing season' the audience (is it the Bash St Kids?) observe "True, you're rubbish" "You couldn't win a raffle" and ......................."worse than Arbroath". 

The Beano is a nationwide publication though produced in Dundee - what readers outside Tayside made of this is unclear - we're stigmatised!.   Or is the saying true - there's no such thing as bad publicity?

Any other similar example of maltreatment in the media?

thanks to TL for sending this in