Lichtie Fan Profiles # 1: A True Champion - lichtie36nilhello

Last updated : 11 November 2008 By Fargone
What's the first game you recall? I'm in my 40's but it was March 1981, 3-0 defeat at Gayf to Alloa, our long-term nemesis

Why did you start supporting Arbroath, why do you still support them? My pal nagged me into going and one game later I was hooked.

Best experiences as an Arbroath supporter? Promotion to Div 2, Promotion to Div 1, Promotion to Div 2 again!

..and worst? The relegations following the aforementioned promotions! What goes up and all that!

Best and worst things about being an Arbroath supporter? Best is supporting your home town team following in the steps of my Grandfather, Father and Brother! Worst is playing badly, whatever the score

How many games do you manage in an average season? I go to all the home games but rarely away. Farthest game - Stranraer....twice!

What's your analysis on THIS season's campaign to date? What have we done right and what have we done wrong? This season's report card is must do better, not a lot has gone right but what we have not done is to do is try and kill off teams and we end up losing! We defend too deep. Also relying too much on Bryan Scott has effected us

What advice you can offer to the Board and the manager? If you can't get Bryan Scott fit then get a proven goal scorer in asap, Ratts for Captain and take the heat off Sellars!

Realistic ambitions for the club? Short term .. finish above Stranraer and Queens Park. Longterm .. to do what Brechin are doing

Other team supported: Arbroath Reserves
Other interests?: Ebay
Music preferences? Pink Floyd

Anything else? Good luck to all who love the super Lichties!