Fan Profile #3: Legend, egghead not glory hunter

Last updated : 28 December 2008 By Fargone
Sorry for the delay in posting his due to technical difficulties and poor memory

1. First game? As I was brought up in a house of Celtic supporters, my first trip to Gayfield was actually the 9-1 defeat in the League Cup in 1993. I think was taken by my Dad in the hope of making me a Celtic fan, but it never had the desired effect.

2. Why didyou start supporting Arbroath? My Dad used to be Stevie Florence's boss so we often went to games to watch him play in the mid 90's. A lso, my brother was signed on an S-form and played a few games in the promotion season of 97/98. I can't explain why I still support them, I just do. They're my team.

3. Best experience as a Lichtie supporter?
- Beating Berwick 2-0 to win promotion to the 1st Division.
- George Rowe's last minute winner at Love St.
- John McGlashan beating Stirling in the cup.

4. Worst experience:
That 5-0 defeat to Montrose and 4-3 Brechin (after Steven Rennie 'won' it in the last minute).

5. Best an worst about being a Lichtie supporter?
Best thing about supporting Arbroath is being able to say that I'm not a glory hunter. Worst thing is having no glory to enjoy.

6. How many games do you manage each season? For the last 7 or 8 years at least I've generally gone to every home game. For the last few seasons I've been to nearly every game, home and away. For the farthest away game, I've been to Stranraer, Berwick and Elgin a few times each as well as Inverness in the League Cup last season.

7. Analysis on this season's campaign to date? Too many cheap goals conceded. Panicking in possession.

8. Any advice to Board or Manager?
My current career for Cliffburn FC pales in comparison to JMcG's 20+ years experience in football, so I'm maybe not entitled to give him advice. I'd like to see certain players play more though, Terry Masson for example.

9. Short term ambition - survive in the 2nd and build upon that.
Long term ambition - Strive towards getting back into the first division and be competitive.
The only way to achieve it (without a huge cash injection) is to get a working youth policy. Without huge amounts of cash, the only way we'll get 1st Divison (and above) quality players is to produce them ourselves.

10. Other team supported; Whoever is playing against Tottenham, at least until 'Arry gets sacked.

Other active interests; I read lots, which makes me a font of all kinds of useless knowledge. My proudest moment was beating CJ de Mooi at Sport on Eggheads on BBC2 in 2006 with a team of my University classmates. Unfortunately, we failed to win the cash prize.