Fan Profile#4 bross music to Lichtie ears

Last updated : 01 January 2009 By Fargone
1. What's the first game you recall? The first game I went to was
against Stenny way back in the early 80's. I was on a trip with my cubs.
It ended up a 1-1 draw (I think) and our Akela gave a few of us into
trouble for giving the opposition fans a few pelters....... I caught the
lichtie bug that day.

2. Why did you start supporting Arbroath, why do you still support
them? I caught the bug.... and I still support them because I'm a born and
bred lichtie, none of this old firm tripe. I can't stand glory hunters.

3. Best experiences as an Arbroath supporter? Several quality
encounters I can recall. First of all beating East Fife 4-1 to get
through against Rangers in the cup. That was a memorable night. Before
that in the cup we beat Morton and Stuart Sorbie scored a hat trick.
That was a real quality performance and a brilliant afternoon at
Gayfield. I keep going for those fantastic moments that come round once
in a while.

4. Worst experience as Arbroath supporter? Being humped by
Montrose last season. There have been many others but all forgotten in
the mists of time.

5. Best and worst things about being an Arbroath supporter?
The best thing is the banter at Gayfield, its quality. The worst thing
is the fans that think we should be playing like Man U and don't have
realistic expectations.

6. How many games do you manage in an average season? try to manage as many as possible...... some seasons I'll make maybe 3/4 of all games (home and away) and others I'll maybe make only a 1/4..... I'm a busy boy. When I was in my mid-teens we even used to follow the under 18s
home and away!

7. What's your analysis on THIS season's campaign to date?

Well....... it's not been pretty at times but it's a tight league and we are capable of beating any team on our day (we are also capable of being beaten by any team!). If we strengthen the squad in January then I have no reason
to believe we will end up going back to the third. My only concern is
that we seem to be a one-trick pony and if Scott isn't fit then we

8. What advice would you offer to the Board and the Manager? Keep going, you're all doing a great job in difficult circumstances. It must be
hard to ignore the unrealistic and impatient fans who expect victory and
swashbuckling football every week.

9. What advice to the other fans? Our club has one of the best wee
grounds in Scotland, a great history and you should get down a support
your local team no matter how well they are faring.

10. Realistic ambitions for the club? To flirt with the first division

11. Other interests? I don't support any other teams though I do have
a soft spot for Dundee United. My old man supports them and I witnessed
the heroics of their last great run in Europe.

My musical tastes vary..... I'm a musician by trade so whatever I'm doing at the current time works for me be it playing in an orchestra, a rock band or in a show. I also try to get out climbing as often as possible, I often
struggle on a Saturday to decide whether its Gayfield or the hills?

12. Anything else? A few things to mention here. Fav moments in music
have to be supporting Van Morrison and James Brown with one of my
previous bands. I managed to have a chat with James Brown and he signed
my stage pass. I've also playing at some of the greatest venues in the
UK including the Albert Hall. Most odd moment in life has to be the
surreal police escort out of Montrose in the Tutties bus...... had to be
seen to be believed!