Breaking wind,and harnessing it

Last updated : 29 December 2011 By Fargone

winbdIts been raised before but Saturdays fiasco again raises the issue of installing partial protection in the form of windbreaks.  

 There is ample scope to plant several avenues of trees along the length of both the harbour and sea ends;  OK depending on age of trees planted it might well take 12 to 20 years before we saw the full benefit.  But it ,ay be better than doing nothing at all.   Climate change means stormier weather will become more frequent

A chance for AFC to pioneer a green initiative/  If we could combine that with a wind turbine or two and maybe a solar array generating funds fro, feedin tariffs to the national grid we could turn our current liability into an asset.  How is the pilot study with Dundee University going on

Green Gayfield of the future  pipedream or possibility