AGM Reports Club Profit over the last Year.

Last updated : 12 July 2004 By Simon
The AGM tonight showed the club made a profit of £20,265 in the last year. The current debt is now £132,856 compared to £153,121 last year. The club has cut costs considerably in the last year and the committee must be congratulated on this achievement.

From last year, match income is down as we were in the 1st division and we also played Rangers in the cup. Match expenditure is down after relegation, with the wages down a big £59,872.

It was also announced that over the next year we will hopefully reduce wages by around £65,000, further reducing the debt, which is currently costing the club £900 a month in interest.

Overall the club have done fantastically well over the last year to turn in a profit despite our poor fortunes on the field, and hopefully improvements on and off the pitch will continue this season.