Central Park Kick-Off

Last updated : 07 August 2009 By Fargone
Our record at Central Park is not the greatest but the last tim we played there was a memorable 2-1 victory in the playoff semi-final

Both teams have beaten Peterhead at Balmoor in the cups so maybe not much in it. Is there a gap between Divisions 2 and 3? - this is the time to exploit it

Expect Arbroath to field a similar 11 to the tea that won well last Saturday

At Cowdenbeath (58)At Arbroath (58)
 ResultsTotal% ResultsTotal%
 Cowdenbeath3153.45 Arbroath2746.55
 Arbroath1627.59 Cowdenbeath1729.31
 Draws1118.97 Draws1424.14
 GoalsTotalAv.pg GoalsTotalAv.pg
 Cowdenbeath1162.00 Arbroath821.41
 Arbroath931.60 Cowdenbeath731.26