Lichtie Fan Profiles #2: Top of the World - the mighty Steeplejack

Last updated : 17 November 2008 By Fargone

1. When did you first start supporting the Lichties and what's the first game you recall? Started going in Primary 5. Can't really remember first game but i do remember playing the "Old Firm" at Gayfield on league business, I'm pretty sure we got beat 2-1 on each occasion. There was no real gulf in these days!

2. Why did you start supporting Arbroath and why do you still support them?

My hometown team. It's far too easy to be a `glory hunter' and follow a bigger team. Suppose now I've got maroon blood cursing through my veins (ed's advice - you should have that checked by a qualified phlebotomist)

Best experiences as an Arbroath supporter? Having been to the 1-1 draw against Hibs at Gayfield, the cup replay at Easter Road. In those days there was no text and we didn't even have a phone. My dad let me stay up and watch Sportscene (Sportsreel?). We didn't know the score and watched as the Lichties won 2-1 with Yule and Fletcher scoring. More recently, winning 3-1 at Falkirk to stay in the First Division.

Worst experiences as Arbroath supporter? "That" drubbing at Links. Spartans, nuf said. Cowdens long winless home streak coming to an end with a 5 goal humping against us. I think it was something like 40 games?

5. Best and worst things about being an Arbroath supporter? Being a Lichtie and having success drip fed through a minute straw! The lack of a Championship.

6. How many games do you manage in a season, on average? Farthest away game you've been to? Nearly all home games, very few away games. I used to go home and away season after season. Parkhead, Tynecastle, and Tannadice are theonlygrounds in Scotland that I've not seen the Lichties play. I pray for a favourable cup draw every season to get the "clean sweep"

What's your analysis on THIS season's campaign to date? I thought the manager was far too loyal tosome players who honestly failed to set the heather alight last season. We have been desperately unluckyin the first quarter against some teams, and it now appears to be getting harder. I still think John is the right man for the job, though its results that count.

8. Any advice to the Board and/or the manager? No advice whatsoever to the Board who are doing a fantastic job. I can't speak highly enough of the board,you just have to compare the financial side of things from a few seasons ago to now, its likenight and day,and the club are on a strong financial footing and will hopefully be here long after I'm gone.

9. Realistic ambition for the club, short and long-term? Any ideas for how we can achieve them? Finish second/third bottom this season. Long term, continuetodevelop youth players, Masson,Watson,Flyer, Webster etc, its the ONLY way nowadays. I would like to see us flirt with the First Dvision again

10. Other teams supported? Scotland
Other active interests? Mountaineer
Music? Corries, Skids, Stranglers, SLF
Family? Married with two kids aged 7 & 9

Anything else to get off your chest re the mighty Lichties or other matters? I'd like to see the hospitality suite used a helluva lot more to generate income.